Becoming a Nursing Assistant

If you are considering in joining the healthcare field and you still think it is difficult to do so, let me tell you it isn’t.

Most people when they relate to health care they immediately associate the work force with doctors and nurses. These last ones were believed the easy link, or the easy way of getting into the field. Only people that worked closely in those environments really knew that there are other lower positions available.

CNA students getting prepared

CNA students getting prepared

One of those positions is known as certified nursing assistant. These people work directly under the supervision of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

They are a very important part of the medical team. They are the closest people that spend the most time with the patient, the elder, or the person recovering. They are basically their own personal assistants.

CNA duties include feeding, bathing, moving around, repositioning, reminding patients to take medication, among many things. They might also be required to take body samples to labs, provide food trays when needed and other stuff like that.

Nursing assistants can also be referred as geriatric aides, nurse helpers, patient care technicians. home health aides, auxiliary nurse, or simply as the short description, as CNA.

There are several places where auxiliary nurses can apply for work once they graduate. Those places include the obvious hospitals and clinics, but they can also work at other facilities such as hospices, nursing homes, nursing communities, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, and also work directly with patients at their own homes.

How to become a cna

If you have read carefully read what this profession in all about and you are still interested in becoming a CNA, then I have some more information that will interest you.

First, I will be straight forward with you by telling you the not so nice aspects about this particular occupation.

You will be working long shifts, and sometimes you might even have to work overtime, that includes weekends and holidays. In some sort of way, you will be at the bottom of the “food chain” in the medical team, therefore expect to pretty much follow orders from everybody. Among some of the duties you will be in charge of performing, include cleaning people’s “tushy”, if you know what I’m saying.

On the other hand, there are several good aspects for you to consider getting certified as a CNA. It is a very rewarding occupation for those that like helping other people out. It is easy to get started in this career since it doesn’t involve many skills. you are only required to take some training that can be completed between 6 weeks or 6 months, depending how you can accommodate your class schedule.

CNA training is not that expensive when compared to let’s say, a bachelor or associates degree. Some schools offer courses for as little as $600.

cna helping an elder

cna helping an elder

Then all you have to do is attend classes, pass the required exams, and finally get certified by your local authorities.

After all that, it comes the final step which is getting a job. Since certified nursing assistants are trending across the nation lately, it will be somewhat easy for you to find a workplace. You don’t only have to focus in applying at hospitals and clinics, you can also search at hospices, rehab centers and private homes.

CNAs start making around $12 per hour on average and up to $15. It might not be a whole lot, but it is something considerable if you take into consideration that it doesn’t take a lot to become one.

If you are interested in this rewarding career, you can visit for more information regarding training and jobs in your local area.



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